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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning #SpringClean16

Stock up on Spring Cleaning #SpringClean16 (1)

It’s that time of year when everyone is gearing up to start their Spring Cleaning, I know I have. We don’t live in a gigantic house and have only been here for two years so luckily we don’t have a ton to clean out and organize but none the less I do have some suggestions on when it’s time to start tackling those Spring Cleaning goals.

The first thing I recommend doing is making a list of everything you want to clean, clean out, fix or maybe replace/buy new. I like making lists because then in case I forget “what else I want done” I have it right there in front of me. The biggest one I am not looking forward to is cleaning out the garage and getting rid of the baby gear.

Stock up on Spring Cleaning #SpringClean16

Then I would make sure to have all the spring home essentials stocked up and ready to go! Viva®, Scott®, and Cottonelle® offer products available at Walmart, that are go-to necessities to get your home and kep it clean and organized.

Stock up on Spring Cleaning #SpringClean16 (2)

I like to start with some of the smaller spaces too, like the hall closet. Even though it is small I dread it because it kind of holds everything in it. Having just the small spaces organized in my house makes me feel like the house is less crowded. I like that I can head to Walmart to get all of the organizational things I need at a nice low price.  Baskets make for a pretty look in your hall closets and everything has a spot where it goes.

spring clean

Walmart has a ll kinds of essentials for Spring Cleaning. You can stock up and learn more about great ways to get the house clean by heading to Walmart. Be sure to check out my Pinterest Board to see more great ways to Spring Clean.

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  1. I just checked Walmart website and saw all kinds of essentials for cleaning. They have the best prize for all the items that I will need for my house!
    Thank You for sharing!

  2. Thanks for all the great tips! Love shopping my local Walmart for all my spring cleaning supplies. Can’t beat the prices.

  3. My cleaning hack is to put on Show Tunes that I sing and dance along to. Makes the cleaning go much faster.

  4. Such a good idea to start with smaller spaces. I find if you do that it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

  5. I’ve started organizing and spring cleaning also. I just purchased more bins, now to decide to where to put all of my kids’ toys. I like the idea of making a list. Thanks for the tips.

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