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untitledWho would have thought that rain would bring me such joy! Thank you ran for coming and washing away all the snow and ice! I’d say we HAD about 2 feet of snow, but it was bad! VERY icy. I have literally fallen down my driveway quite a few times due to the ice. At the bottom of our driveway it was like a huge ice rink! You couldn’t walk over it without falling on your tosh. No joke! We had to hike across our neighbors driveway to our yard and walk in the snow just to get to our house.

I have been stuck inside all week too because I couldn’t get my car down our driveway!  Thank you rain!

It’s supposed to rain today, and then be sunny tomorrow. Next week is supposed to be warm. YAY! I hope we don’t get anymore snow for a while *knock on wood*

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  1. I could not believe that there was so much rain – I was thrilled that we only got about 6 inches of snow all weekend and only 3 inches to shovel this morning (well, for hubby to shovel). I may actually be able to leave my house next week! The roads up here have been awful – too icy for me to risk driving out. Crossing fingers. Stay warm… and safe. Your driveway is a killer. (Though mine is flat, I still manage to fall on my arse.)

  2. I am glad it rained for you also. We have had some freeing rain but not much, now we are up into the 40s. It is supposed to start getting cold again. I am hoping for snow over the freezing stuff.

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