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It’s Not a Bottle. It’s a Squeeze

With the ever growing popularity of the squeeze baby food pouches it was only time for companies to create reusable pouches. We had the opportunity to try one of them out.

The Sili Squeeze met my expectations and more! With the baby food pouches I am always worried about letting Shelby have them by herself because I know there would be food everywhere! The Sili Squeeze is different!

A spill-proof and squeeze-controlled spout
A baby’s natural instinct is to squeeze and suck at the same time. The Original Sili Squeeze™ has a patent-pending special valve that is built into the base and attaches smoothly to the “home” ring, locking it into place. This convenience is designed to offer a squeeze-controlled, spill-proof experience. Sili Squeezers can emerge as young as six months, their individual ability to squeeze will vary from month to month as they grow.

For children accustomed to the store-bought disposable pouches, the Sili Squeeze™ with Eeeze is offered, which has a similar nipple valve giving children a free flow of food as they squeeze.

The Sili Squeeze™ features a detachable, clear cap that offers leak-proof protection over the nipple spout while storing. The silicone body is soft, easy-to-squeeze and easy-to-clean due to the naturally non-stick quality of the silicone. As an added benefit, the wide opening makes it easy to fill with homemade purees and smoothies.

I loved that I can fill it up with applesauce or other purees and give it to the baby and not worry about her making a mess. It truly is spill proof!

The Sili Company develops products to make the adventures of parenthood a little easier, with an environmentally-conscious mind.  For more information, visit

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  1. I definitely want to try this. My daughter has food issues and the best way to get her to eat healthy is squeeze pouches.

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