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Is Smartlipo Worth Going For?

Everybody wants to achieve a good physique. A well-built and toned physique is a key to unlock self-esteem and confidence. Fitness centres are thronged by people with a single motive of achieving that dream body. But, most of us, due to our hectic daily schedule tends to miss on our fitness regimen and diet plans. As a result, due to lack of irregularity, the stubborn fat on our arms, abdomen, waist etc. tend to stay and pose a hindrance to our target. But not anymore, as we have Smartlipo, which is an innovative procedure to remove the stubborn fat which haunts us every day.

Many health centres, all over the world, provide the facility of Smartlipo; but one institution which has pioneered the introduction of Smartlipo in the United Kingdom is the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic with the provision of Smartlipo MPX and Smartlipo Triplex. Below, you will find the answers to common questions asked about Smartlipo.

What is the Smartlipo procedure?

Under Smartlipo, a single laser fibre is introduced into the fatty area, with the help of a thin tube, and fat deposits are melted away by the laser light. The melted fat is gently sucked out. Laser liposuction also prevents sagging of the skin and a person gets that youthful look which he/ she has dreamt of.

What kind of person is a right fit for Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is best for those persons who are not overall fat or obese but have stubborn fat over love handles, abdomen, upper arms, lower torso, neck or face.

Is Smartlipo safe?

Smartlipo is one of the safest cosmetic procedure which involves the least amount of pain as it is done under local anaesthesia. Moreover, there is less bruising or swelling.  A person doesn’t need to stay in the hospital for the procedure. The faster recovery time enables a person to return to normal daily activities within one or two days.

Is there any kind of discomfort during or after the procedure?

As the procedure is done under local anaesthesia, a mild excitation might be felt. After the procedure is complete, a person may encounter some muscle aches in the targeted area. But, not to worry, as the ache is very much similar to muscle pain after a good physical workout or gym session and won’t last for more than two days.

Do the results of Smartlipo last?

The stubborn fat is completely eliminated in case of Smartlipo. Results can be seen within a week. However to get persistent improvement and maintenance of results; following a healthy diet and regular physical workout is essential.

How many treatments are necessary?

For the majority of the persons, only a single session makes them achieve the desired results.

Is there any scarring?

The laser tube requires little space to enter into the targeted area; hence surgical incision is very minute in size in case of Smartlipo. With proper aftercare, the scars will go away in no time and will be barely noticeable.

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