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iPhone Apps: Similac Baby Journal

I still remember after having each of my babies writing down feedings and diaper changes and nap times, all in an effort to get them on a great schedule. I know some parents think it’s pointless to keep track of things like that but for me it was important to know that my babies were getting everything they needed.

Since I nursed Sarah I was always worried that she wasn’t getting enough or if she was full, but after being assured by our pediatrician she was fine and growing great I knew she was doing fine.

I have to say that the Similac Baby Journal would have been such a lifesaver for me, and you bet I’ll use it next time around.

With the free Similac Baby Journal app, you can easily track baby’s eating, sleeping, and diaper changes. You can predict the next feeding time. And see connections between what goes in—and what comes out. When you know what to expect, you can make the most of your time. And your time together.

Feeding Journals
Whether you breast or bottle feed, the Baby Journal app makes it easy to track the details. The app instantly creates a journal entry and summary that suggests the next feeding time, lets you view trends that can help predict a daily feeding schedule, and can instantly connect you with feeding tips and a live feeding expert.

Feeding Trends
See feeding duration graphs and important stats like average time between feedings, average amounts consumed, average duration, and total bottles. Email these reports to your pediatrician or dad with the tap of a finger.

You can do more than jsut keep track of your baby’s feedings. You can also keep note on diaper changes.  You can record the details of what comes out, including stool color and consistency. Find a surprise? Email the details to your doctor.

You can also keep track of baby’s growth! I love this! You can keep track of your baby’s weight and height and know they are growing right no track. Plus when your in the Dr office you can enter it in your App right away, then later at home enter it in the baby book!

*The app was provided free of cost (the app itself is free) and also received compensation by Collective Bias for taking the time to test out the app.

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  1. I have this app and use it every day. So nice to not have to remember when my last feeding was or how many diapers he’s gone thru or figure out how long he’s been asleep

  2. I used a similar app called Baby Zoe app ( to track my daughter’s daily eating and sleeping habits. The reports from Baby Zoe are quite useful for pediatricians in terms of making it easy for them to diagnose baby’s health. Knowing what the baby eat, when they eat, etc help the pediatrician to quickly diagnose your baby’s health.

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