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I’m a One Life to Live Blog Correspondent

Soaps…. They are one of my favorite TV shows to watch. There are a few I have to watch! One Life to Live comes on right before General Hospital so of course I always watch it!

One Life to Live is having one awesome three day event! One Life to Live, Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical!

Seriously, watching the previews for this event is awesome! I can not wait to watch it over the  three days! As an official One Life to Live Blog Correspondent I’ll be sharing about the event, pictures and videos! I hope you’ll join me and watch the event along with the other Blog Correspondents.

One Life to Live Blog Correspondents Are:

Val from Mom Knows It All
Amanda from Mommy Mandy
Laurie from Guessing All The Way
Lee from My Sentiment Exactlee
Jennifer from The Dirty t-Shirt 

I am excited to be apart of this group and share with you all the details about the One Life to Live, Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical!!

To get excited about this Event check out the previews!

Mark your calendars, because starting May 14th, One Life to Live is going musical — “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical.” (It’s pronounced “Starr Crossed Lovers”, by the way)

It’s Prom Night in Llanview, and just about everyone’s relationship is at a crossroads: Starr’s boyfriend Cole is in jail (for nearly killing her father!); Langston’s two-timing her boyfriend Markko with Ford; Matthew’s gaga over his date, Danielle, but she might only have eyes for fellow thespian Nate; and Jessica’s only taking her ex, Brody, to the prom to make her teacher, Cristian, jealous (Cristian’s girlfriend Layla isn’t too thrilled). And that’s just how the night starts!

Expect to see the entire cast singing and dancing to a mixture of original songs and covers of tunes you’ll instantly recognize (such as “Our Lips are Sealed” by the Go Go’s). We’re serious — nearly everyone gets involved, and these numbers are BIG (wait ’til you see “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas). And by the end of Prom Night, don’t expect any of the couples to be the same. That’s good news for some … and bad news for others.

Make sure to tune in to One Life to Live starting May 14th!

DISCLOSURE – I was given financial compensation from ABC Daytime to write this post.  My reviews and recommendations are always my own and represent my genuinely held opinions.

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  1. How exciting! I’ve never been to a real life musical, but what I’ve seen from TV and movies it looks like it’s going to be amazing!!

  2. i love oltl , but first i watch all my children , and after oltl is gh ,lol, i used to wonder hoooow my mom could watch them , now i know , their addicting !

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