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I’m a General Hospital Brand Ambassador!

Anyone who knows me, and I mean know me will know I am in love with the Daytime Soap General Hospital. If I can’t watch it at 2pm (because of work at school) I will be watching it at 10pm on Soap Net.  I started watching GH (General Hospital) back in 2004.

Of course I was really excited when I received the email from  Mom Central and ABC Daytime saying that I have been chosen as a General Hospital Brand Ambassador!  I’ll be getting the inside scoop on the latest news and happenings in Port Charles, and of course I’ll get to share them with all of you!

 Right now Mom Central is having one sweet contest. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a trip to Los Angeles to visit the set of General Hospital and have a walk-on role. The sweepstakes is open until February 28th. 

So tell me all you GH Fans, what has been your favorite scene from GH? Past, present or what are you hoping will happen?

My favorite scene was when Sam found the shooting star necklace Jason got for her.

I cried when Sam lost her baby (Nov 2004). I had started to really like Michael and saw sad when I “thought” they were killing him off (March 2005).  Then there was the train wreck (Nov. 2005) when Reese dies, and Robin has to deliver Alexis’ baby Molly. I thought Alexis was going to die.  I bawled… I was crying so hard when Emily & Georgie died (Nov. 2007)

there are tons of scenes that I really loved, but really my favorite was when Jason and Sam got back together…. I hope she randomly finds out she is pregnant too!

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag and/or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my reviews/posts.”

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  1. I have been watching GH for years. I have loved so many parts that I cannot even list them all. Right now I am enjoying the Dante/Lulu storyline. I am So-o-o glad Joshua Jackson is back, he brings such an emotional component to Lucky that the others just did not convey. Oh and YEAH… I am a GH ambassador too!!!!

  2. Wow ABC Daytime contacted you that’s nifty! I’d sure like to win that trip would be awesome to get away for awhile!

  3. Mandy Im so happy for you being selected I would love to do that too , thought Id give ya some history so here goes- I got ya beat girl ..I’ve been watching GH since the first days in 1963 I was 9 & I watched with my dear Mother & grew up a lil bit each day with the soap, it was only on for 15 minutes back then but we simply devoured it….I remember the contraversary when Phil Brewer raped nurse Jesse my Mother really struggled with letting me watch all the storyline to that- it went on for years I might add & I think Mother wrote some letters to ABC also …. we’ll now Im a gramma myself my grand daughters aren’t into it but daughter Jeccica 35 does love it& here’s the kicker …..Did you see Maurice Benard on Oprah bought a year ago or so ???? turns out he lives right here in the same town as I do Temecula Ca ….. wish I knew where exactly …its a big secret ya know but we love to drive out amongst the Estates in the hills & imagine which home our beloved Sonny Corinthos lives in….. have a great day , your follower Birdie

  4. i grew up with my mom watching gh, and now i follow in her steps lol, but if i miss it at 2 we dont get the soap channel!!! i hate the cable here , i want my soaps

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