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I love Nikon & PhotoShop

The first picture is straight off the camera. It already looks pretty good, the lighting outside was overcast with snow clouds. The second picture is PhotoShop’s Auto correct. It made the pictures brighter. And the bottom two pictures are just playing around with different filters!

Here you can find more Nikon cameras!

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  1. Love the 2nd one with the color sharpening. Also love the contrast with the black on white and colorful shirts. the tilted garage doors ? adds some great framing and texture. seriously, that is a great shot!

    am SO green…I still have a non digital old cam over 10 years old and one before that is over 30 years old!

  2. I’ve gone through so many camera’s trying to find the “right one”. I started out wanting a small size so I could take it everywhere. I couldn’t find one that really took good pictures & had a good zoom. So, I recently bought the Coolpix L110. It looks like a dslr but isn’t. It bigger than I like, but for the price take good pictures. Eventually I want to get the dslr, but expensive. I also want photoshop, which one do you use? Also, what camera?

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