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I love my stroller!

I was recently asked by quite a few people how I like my new stroller. Well I absolutely love it. I really wish I had gotten my Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy when I was picking out a stroller for baby #2.

I spent months researching double strollers. At the time I didn’t know about Phil Ted, or Mutsy or Uppa Baby. I really wish that I had known. We spent a lot of money on our Graco double stroller. Samantha was not even three yet when Sarah was born and Sam weighed around 35 pounds; (yeah she was a big girl) just with Sam in the front and the infant seat with Sarah in it it was hard to push. The stroller was big and bulky and it was hard to turn it. It was also hard to get into the super large basket with the infant seat in the back seat of the stroller, basically making the basket useless. Now I can not say you pay for what you get because Graco really does have great products and the double strollers in no means are cheap. They are well built and can stand up to just about anything. I think they are great if you have twins or a smaller child. I think Sam was just too big and made it much harder to push/turn.

So in April I received an email from the wonderful people at Stroller Depot that I had won their stroller giveaway. I was shocked and speechless. I had been wanting a new stroller for a while now. Sam wont sit in the stroller anymore and the double stroller was just too big for us. I had been eyeing the Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy for a few months and was literally jumping up and down with excitement. I received the Phil and Teds Sport Buggy Stroller in Navy with the Sport Double Kit.

It took me about 15 minutes to put the whole thing together and I LOVE it! The day after I received it I took the girls for a walk, I had to try it out. Sarah weights around 30 lbs right now, and even with her weight the stroller is so easy to push. I can even push it with one hand. It is also very easy to turn. The canopy offers the perfect amount of shade from the hot summer sun and it seems Sarah is very comfortable sitting in it. I am not using the double seat right now, but I love that if I need it, it would take me about 5 seconds to attach to the frame.

There are some awesome accessories for the sport buggy as well. I am eyeing the Phil and Teds Sport Travel Bag to store the stroller when were not using it. I definitely will be purchasing the Phil and Teds Travel System when we decide to add on to the family.

I love this stroller and highly recommend it to anyone looking for either a single stroller or double stroller.


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