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I love my MOO Cards

As a blogger it’s important to me to have business cards. You never know when you might need hand them to someone. This past year I wanted to get some new cards and I loved the ones from MOO.

I love that you can completely design you r MOO Cards any way you like. Whether it be a simple image and text or to create your own image to match your website.

I had a lot of fun creating my cards. I decided to make my own image for the front of the card. I went with the classic business cards. On the back I liked the idea of a smaller image and the various lines for your information.



Or you can create MOO Cards for your kids!

Here are a couple of my favorite ideas to keeping kids sharp throughout the school year:

Flashy fun with memory cards. Flash cards are a very simple concept – all you need is some memorable photos of family members and some MOO Postcards. You can put different images on the front of every card, so you can use a whole range of familiar pictures from your child’s life, from her school teacher to her favorite toy to the playground near her home. Got a family reunion coming up? Memory cards can “introduce” your child to distant family members before she meets them.

Learning game. Try and make your own version of the “Alphabet Game” by asking your kids to find items beginning with letters of the alphabet and photograph them holding up their items. You can make your own Alphabet Cards (with a little help from MOO) and turn learning the ABC’s into a fun, family game.

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