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I *heart* My Sponsors!

I love what I do here on my blog. I love sharing with my readers all these wonderful products and I enjoy bringing amazing giveaways to my readers as well.

I received one of the sweetest emails from a recent sponsor.


We hope this email finds you happy and well! It was my sincere intention to write you sooner; however, we were on a long jaunt in the trade show world for Nana Star and Friends and time has not been in our favor these past few weeks.

We wanted to thank you for your kind, thoughtful review of Nana Star and Nana Star and the Moonman. We greatly appreciate your input and opinions and we do pay attention to everything that is commented on and take note accordingly.

We do hope our next stories and toys head your way in the coming year. Our journey to bring Nana Star to life has been a labor of love and the road has been long; however, we feel that parents and educators “get it” and we do know children love the stories.

You have such a nice, beautiful blog and we’re glad to be part of it. I will check back for sure. We have placed your review and live link back to your site on: it will be updated today or tomorrow at the latest. It will be nice for our visitors to know about your site and we just can’t thank you enough.

Take good care, keep writing greatness and sharing your wonderful blog with the world!

Much kindness and laughter,



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