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I Feel Like an Adult Now…. I got contacts today…

Isn’t it weird that the littlest thing makes me feel old? Today I went to the optometrist and they told me I was better off getting contacts then new glasses. So I did.

Also, both girls had their eyes checked and BOTH are getting glasses. Samantha of course cried because she HAD to get pink and Sarah didn’t care either way. oh my they are going to look so cute.

Sarah needs them to help one of her eyes work MORE (not sure what that means) and Sam needs them mostly for school work and IF she plays video games.

I also wanted to say sorry for not being around the past few days. Hubby had Sunday and Monday off, and yesterday well I got so sunburned that I zonked out at 10. I just didn’t have the energy to blog.

I have lots of winners to pick and more fun things to post about for Mother’s Day! Tanya, Caryn and I have also been BUSY with our Summer Event! Were so excited about that as well!

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  1. That is just to strange. I went to the doctors on Monday and got new glasses..then today my 5yr old girl and 7yr old son went and both had to get glasses. My daughter wanted PURPLE! They also look very cute!

  2. I love my contacts too! My son had to have glasses and matter of fact, I need to get him more!

    Enjoy your contacts – you’ll love them!

  3. I love your blog, even though I'm old, I still find all your reviews very good & helpful….with that being said, I had to tell you that I was 45 before I got contacts & I've been wearing glasses since kindergarten! I can't be without them now. I also wanted to tell you that I can remember when my Grandparents took me to the eye dr. & since they spoiled me all the time, they allowed me to get blue & white CHECKED glasses……I'm afraid I have the pictures to prove it! LOL Oh they were "lovely", but I loved them at the time……thanks for the memory!

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