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Human Touch Pro Foot and Calf Massager

The Human Touch Pro Foot and Calf Massager combines professional massage therapy with classy design elements to bring you a most comfortable seating experience possible! Human Touch technology enables your tired, achy muscles to relax after all of the hustle and bustle during your day. Your feet and calves will be the recipients of a Figure-Eight customizable massage from the Human Touch CirQlation Pro, as well as powerful under-foot rotors that deliver an unequaled foot massage.

Human Touch massage technology brings you the HT-1350 foot and calf massager, the latest innovation from Human Touch. The CirQlation Pro steps up the massage technology with three invigorating Automatic Programs. By combining foot massager and calf massager elements, Human Touch puts you in massage therapy heaven. The patented Figure-Eight Technology caresses sore calves and rejuvenates tired feet to elevate your relaxation to the fullest.

Pat and I stand on our feet all day long, so by the time we get home and are able to relax our feet hurt! I try to give him feet massages but I myself am tired and I know I don’t give him as good of one as he deserves. When the HT-1350 foot and calf massager arrived I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I literally sat down and fell asleep while it did it’s magic on my feet.

To maintain fashion and function, Human Touch uses removable Easy Sleeves that are washable and also integrated an upholstered body to the Human Touch CirQlation Pro. Indulge in unprecedented massage therapy that feels like a professional spa treatment. After those expensive shoes fail to bring life back into your feet, the HT-1350 succeeds with elegance only possible from Human Touch.

A product was received for this review.

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  1. Just seeing your legs in there reminds me how nice a foot rub feels! That machine would totally be running overtime here- great review!

  2. Oh my gravy, I need one of those pronto. LOL. I have diabetes and nueropothy that is super painful and my feet and calves hurt so badly (Most days I can’t even walk). So my family does the messaging or I run tennis ball down them, but what an amazing machine this looks to be. Heavenly, even!

  3. I haven’t tried this yet and I am very much wanting to try one. I do hope there is a discount or something that might lessen the price.

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