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How to Make a Tutu

Tutu’s are probably one of the cutest accessories for little girls. They are fun and all girls love to dance around and pretend to be a ballerina in them.

I recently was asked to make the tutus for Sarah’s pre-school ballet class for their spring recital. Her class is doing Little Bo Peep and all the girls will be lambs.


  • 75 yards of tulle in the color you want. I purchased 6″ by 75 yards rolls. It made it so much easier to just cut the tulle to the length I wanted.
  • 1″ elastic
  • needle and tread
  • scissors
  • ribbon or embellishments


I decided to make the tutus with elastic. The first thing you need to do is measure the little girls waist.  then subtract 3″ from that.  Cut the elastic and hand stitch the ends together.

Below is a guide for how many inches the elastic should be for each age.

Waist Size (inches)
Approximate Age
0-24 months/2T
3T-6 girls
7/8/10 girls
12/14/16 girls
18/20 girls

Decide on how long you want the tutu to be. We wanted the girls to be but and stick out so it bounces when the girls walk.  The one I made is 9″. So when you cute your tulle your going to double that. I cut mine 18″. I cut my strips 20 at a time and tied them around the elastic and then cut 20 more, I did this until I had the amount of tulle I wanted.

I found it easiest to put the elastic around my leg to tie the tulle on. This part is easy but takes a long time to go.  Take one end of the cut tulle and slip it under the elastic, then bring it up so both ends are even. Then double knot it.

Depending on where you want the Tutu to fall is where you will knot the tulle. We wanted the tutus to stand out and bounce so I tied the tulle right in the middle of the elastic. But if you want it to fall downwards tie it to the bottom of the elastic. Make sure you tie each tulle piece evenly so your tutu looks uniformed.

Continue to tie the tulle around the elastic until you get it as full as you want it. You can switch tulle color, add ribbon and other embellishments.

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  1. These are so cute. I tried to make one for my daughter before, but something didn’t work quite right. Looking at your instructions, I think I know what the error was. I will try another this spring for pictures. They sure are adorable.

  2. I’ve been wanting to find out how to make a tutu for my granddaughter who is just a beginner in dance class. Something always came up and I forgot about my search for directions. Your size guide will come in handy. Now I have to see what color she would like. Thanks Amanda!

  3. This is such a great idea. I would love to make this for my little niece it would be such a fun project for us to do together!

  4. I just finished making ten of these tutus for my son’s school auction. I put together a little girl’s birthday party basket, which included the tutus, crowns party supplies and a gift certificate to a local ballet center.

  5. It is so fun to make things for kids- and your tutus look fantastic. Love the little additions you added. I am sure the girls are still playing with them!

  6. I’ve made a tutu and I cant seem to keep the tutu straight. After my daughter plays and sits in it, its all messy looking. How do I get the tutu to keep its form?

  7. This looks so cute!! I was at Disneyland Halloween night and noticed a lady wearing a tutu. It had a stuffed Minnie Mouse mixed in with the fabric. It was so cute I decided to go ask her were she got it. The closer I got to her, I noticed she was the lady that owns the childrens craft shop in Knott’s Berry Farm. I had not seen her in a while because we now have Disneyland season passes instead of the long time Knott’s passes we had. I was so excited to see her. Her mom was with her too. They were so funny!! So she said that she has them for sale at Knott’s. I can’t wait to go see her so I can get a closer look at the tutu’s! LOL.. Oh, Knott’s will be having the $59 season passes again so keep an eye out for when they go on sale for that price!

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