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How is breastfeeding in public worse than this?

A few days ago I was skimming through a magazine, you know one that is very popular an gives you all the details in celebrity lives? I came across various pictures of celebrities with half their breasts showing.

I thought to myself, how the heck can breastfeeding in public be worse than seeing pictures of half naked celebrities?

How can these pictures be in magazines and be deemed as OK when a mom will get flamed for nursing her baby in public? It doesn’t make sense to me that a mom was recently told to leave a Target store because she was nursing her baby. Or my friend was asked to go nurse in the bathroom at a restaurant.

If women weren’t meant to nourish their child than why the heck would we have breasts, and milk? There is nothing wrong with moms feeding their baby. You wont see nursing moms just sitting there half named with all of their breasts exposed either.

Here you tell me, Here are some pictures of celebrities on the Red Carpet. They are showing over half their breasts and yet this is cool, and ok.

Ok, now look at these pictures of nursing moms. These are deemed offensive and rude?

Gosh, it seems to me that the celebrities are showing more breast than these moms nursing their babies. But sadly these nursing moms will be first to be asked to go cover up.


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  1. It is strange to me that our culture has decided that it is the nipple that makes things offensive. So as long as that is covered, you can show as much else as you want. Breastfeeding moms might have their nipple show occasionally, so it is offensive. Celebrities will show way less breast area, but the nipples stay covered, so it’s all cool. Strange distinction.

  2. I have two daughters now breastfeeding and still so discouraged that our country has made it so moms have to feel shameful about this. My daughter has had to feed her baby girl in a bathroom stall a lot this winter during shopping, sports events to see her siblings play, and even at work my daughter doesnt have a private area to pump with a locked door. So disturbing that not only is it so ridiculous that people get so upset by public feeding (but have not problem with magazine layouts of celebrity cleavage as you have shown, I find it so offensive that allowances are not made in work situations in this day and age so that moms who want to supply their children with the best nutrition can’t even pump successfully because of the lack of time, or stress caused in the workplace…and so many give up because of it. So SO wrong!

  3. I don’t think it’s worse at all. I believe in the right to breast feed in public. But I am also a Christian and I believe in doing it as modest as possible.

  4. You brought a good point. I never viewed it like that but you are so right. Something as natural as feeding your baby people make it out to be so wrong. So sad.

  5. I hated breastfeeding in public!– I guess I’m a bit on the modest side– so I had one of those hooter-hider aprons and still avoided breastfeeding in public when I could. But of course women should be able to breastfeed wherever they need to

  6. At times I found it to be uncomfortable, but I still breastfed in public. I wore nursing tops that helped keep me from feeling too exposed, but I usually covered too, since my baby didn’t seem to mind. But to be clear, I did it for my comfort, not for the comfort of the people around me. I think it’s silly that people make a big deal of it. It’s much more appropriate to show a little boob doing its primary function than it is to walk around with half of them out to look sexy. Yet the one that benefits babies is the one people will speak out against. I’ve been lucky and never had anyone ask me to stop, but they’d have gotten quite the ear full if they had. (Who in their right mind messes with a hormone crazed momma?) 🙂

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