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How do you spend your ‘me time’?


Being a mom to young kids can be hard work, there’s no doubt about that! And days are filled from crack of dawn until the last little head hits the pillow with activities, chores and taxi’ing the kids here there and everywhere.

Even on the days when you’ve got all of them into school or nursery, there is still plenty of stuff to do at home, catching up on the washing, cleaning and grocery shopping. And if you work out of the home as well, your time for yourself is even more reduced.

So, what do you do when you have some time to yourself? Some moms look up after their last child starts high school and realise that they don’t actually have much that they do for themselves. That’s maybe how it should be, but if you can make a little time for yourself through those early years of your children’s lives, it’ll make for a richer and more rounded life.

Of course, there are ways you can take five during a busy day, like sitting down with a cup of coffee and playing a few games of bingo online. There are plenty of different online bingo sites out there these days and it might be difficult to pick out a decent one. However, a good way of filtering out these online bingo sites is to find the ones that actually offer you free money for you to try out the game before depositing any money. Whenever you’re bored with bingo, why not move on to catching up with the gossip on Facebook. However, these things are just small stuff. Great for five minutes here and there, but this isn’t the stuff of life.

If you have a passion, an interest in art or languages, a love of music or you enjoy exercise, then try to structure your days so that you can make room for that passion to develop and grow, even while you’re doing your best to be a great mom.

It’s not always easy and it really helps if you have an understanding partner or a grandparent who lives nearby and is willing to look after the kids while you go to a weekly class or take time out to spend on your hobby.

And if you don’t have anything particular that you are passionate about, spend some time thinking about what interests you and then cultivate that interest. While it’s great to throw yourself into motherhood 110%, you shouldn’t make your kids the be all and end all of your existence.

Sometimes the things that you do with the children while helping them learn can kick-start a new interest for you. For example, clay modelling is messy and fun and something that the kids love doing, but who knows where you could take your creativity if you started taking pottery classes and began working with clay on a more grown-up level.

While it’s great to watch your child excel in a sport, is giving them your support enough? What about getting involved with the coaching and being a part of the team? Many of the people who run sports clubs for kids started out as spectator parents, and went on to run the show, even when their kids had grown and left home. It can be really rewarding to get involved and to feel that you’re giving something back to the community that helped raise your kids.

These are just a couple of ideas, of course, but the principle remains the same. While you’re busy being a mom, make sure that you don’t lose your own passions along the way. Make a little time for you, you deserve it!


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