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Home Safety While Baking This Holiday Season! *Giveaway closed* #RecipeForSafety

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This time of the year is my absolute favorite! I love the weather, I love all the Holiday Cheer and most of all I love the Holiday baking!  Ever since I was little I helped my Aunt in the kitchen during the Holidays baking up tons of yummy candies and cookies. I knew how to follow a recipe in third grade and had so much fun. Now as a mom (soon to be 4 kiddos) I love to bake with my kids. I love sharing all the recipes I used growing up.

But a lot of people forget about home safety during the Holidays. There are a lot of dangers that a lot of people need to remember this time of year. From cut Christmas Trees to Baking.  Did you know cooking is the number one cause for home fires? Did you also know that most fatal home fires happen in homes with no smoke alarm or no working alarm?

We have a really fun Recipe for safety for every family to check out this Holiday Season!

Kidde #RecipeforSafety Card

You can also check out FEMA holiday fire safety for your family along with NFPA Christmas tree fire safety, Both of these offer tons of safety information to keep your family safe this Holiday Season!

But the number one safety item you need to think about is having a working fire alarm in your home. Choosing a fire extinguisher for your home doesn’t have to be stressful. Kidde has made it easy for you to buy a great smoke alarm and fire extinguisher  like the Kidde Worry-Free alarms and the Kidde kitchen fire extinguisher.

kidde products

The Worry-Free Smoke Alarm has a 10-year lithium battery life. Kidde’s new Worry-Free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms use one battery for the life of the alarm to provide 24/7 fire safety protection, eliminating the hassles of low battery chirps and battery replacement. Additionally, the smoke alarms also have location-based attributes which makes it easy to select the right alarm for the right location in your home.

The Kitchen Fire Extinguisher is the perfect size to fit under your kitchen sink and offers that safety in your home for emergencies. It is extremely easy to use and has a shelf life of 12 years.

A few other products to consider having in your home is the Kidde 3 story escape ladder (great for families with multi-story homes) and the Kidde Worry-Free carbon monoxide alarm with digital display.

Combing all of these products together in your home can offer your family safety and peace of mind. You can connect with Kidde on FacebookTwitter and  Instagram.


ONE winner  will receive a Kidde kitchen fire extinguisher.

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Home Safety While Baking This Holiday Season! *Giveaway ends Dec. 19th* #RecipeForSafety

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This giveaway will end on Dec. 19th 

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  1. The most that I’ve had is burning items in our oven and having the smoke alarm go off.

  2. My son and his friends decided to make a frozen pizza one day without me knowing and they forgot about it baking. Needless to say when they finally decided to check on their food all the smoke that came out of the oven set the smoke alarm off. It took ahile to get it to turn off.

  3. I left soup on the stove when I went to church thinking it was on low but no HIGH. Disaster.

  4. Until I got a decent smoke alarm, any cooking made it go off. Sadly it made me take the batteries out, not change them.

  5. I was cooking fries and a grease fire started on the stove. It was quickly put out but was scary.

  6. Ugh. The smoke detector in my apartment was hardwired to the building. It was good b/c it meant my neighbors couldn’t disable theirs and potentially kill me when the alarm didn’t go off but it was really annoying since I couldn’t disable it when my cooking sets it off. Thankfully the detector was as far from the kitchen as possible (2 room apartment, so it was next to the bedroom door). I only set it off 3 times in 3 years, always from food spilled on the oven floor or stove top. My upstairs neighbor, on the other hand, set hers of at least once a week.

  7. I burned cookies once and set off the smoke alarm. It was very annoying, but at least I knew the alarm worked.

  8. My jacket call fire from the cooking… I was able to take off the jacket and stop the fire.

  9. Yes, I had a glass cooking dish explode in the oven and the food fell on the electric burner setting off the smoke alarm.

  10. My daughter and her friends thought they knew how to properly cook… nope, not yet atleast.

  11. I’ve had food fall to the bottom of the oven and it started to smoke. It sets my smoke detector off always. We change the batteries regularly.

  12. I used to be terrible for putting stuff on to cook and then forgetting it was cooking. Lots of times the smoke alarm went off thankfully to remind me. Lots of burnt pan later I now own a timer and carry it with me.

  13. Well you know the rule when they say never leaves things sitting on the top of your stove, well we weren’t following that rule and we had this big plastic container of gumballs sitting on the back burner, we never use the back burners. Well my son turned on the wrong burner and the container caught fire. Luckily we were able to put the fire out but it sure was scary.

  14. Mine has gone off several times, kind of close to the stove. The last was when our toaster was burning the toast and it went off

  15. I’m a terrible cook so my smoke detector goes off often. Usually just because I’m burning garlic bread in the oven or something like that. Luckily, I’ve never had a fire.

  16. We have an electric stove, so my alarm goes off often. Even still, we still check all of our smoke alarm batteries regularly. We have one in each room.

  17. I just did last week! I forgot about a batch of cookies in the oven and got busy with something else…cookies were ruined but at least the detector went off!

  18. I have had quite a few mishaps where the smoke alarm went off but I check my batteries yearly so it was annoying but ok at least I knew they worked

  19. I had a mishap with a piece of plastic that melted in the dishwasher. I didn’t have to worry about the smoke alarm, as the batteries were fresh!

  20. I have had some mishaps with the smoke alarm going off because of something spilling over onto the burner & then smoking, but everything was fine. I do change the batteries in my smoke alarms twice a year!

  21. Yes, my nephew was reheating a slice of pizza in my oven. When the kitchen got smoky our smoke alarm went off. He had put the pizza slice on a paper dish that caught on fire. I told him the kitchen is off limits for him. We change our batteries twice a year when the clocks go back and forward.

  22. I can’t count how many times I’ve overfilled a casserole dish and it bubbled up and over onto my oven bottom. So much so, that I started putting tinfoil down to keep it clean! And that definitely sets off the smoke detectors!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  23. I’ve spilled grease on the burner and it caught fire, I was sooo freaked out lol. I definitely made sure those batteries were still good after that, and still do.

  24. Certainly something I can use – I’m kinda a mess in the kitchen. Last time I left a box too close to the burner and set it on fire 🙁

  25. I once got distracted when frying some pork chops and they smoked up the room and alarm went off thank goodness

  26. I haven’t ever had an incident that set it off thankfully, I always like to be cautious and have working alarms though.

  27. yes i did.i burnt some cookies and the alarm went off.thank goodness for the batteries being in there

  28. I have had a cooking/baking mishap that set my smoke alarm off in the past. I am notorious for doing it when I fry regular pork bacon. I should check my batteries in smoke detectors more regularly.

  29. Yes! I turned on the wrong eye on the gas stove and left it scorching an empty pot! This horrible smell filled the house and then the alarm went off!

  30. No matter what smoke alarm we had in our house, as soon as we opened the oven, the smoke alarm would go off. We never had a ‘mishap,’ but the smoke alarm ended up being our code for dinner’s ready!

  31. Thank You for the giveaway… there was the “bagel incident”: my daughter was toasting a bagel and it got stuck in the toaster, smoke filled the kitchen, activated the smoke alarm…but nothing much more serious.

  32. The worst that happened was majorly burning popcorn. The smell was beyond bad and there was smoke. But nothing catastrophic.

  33. One time I had a small grease fire when I was trying to fry some dough to make Indian Fry Bread…it did set off the smoke alarm and it did remind me to always make sure the smoke alarms worked.

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