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Holiday Gifts for Toddlers: Delta Children’s Upholstered Chairs


Delta Childrens Minnie Mouse Chair (4)

Shelby is almost three which means we are starting to transition her to a big girl room with her older sister. With the transition I have been starting to redo the little girl’s room to fit both Shelby and Sarah and the things they like.

For a lot of parents who also have toddlers transitioning to big kid rooms like to use the Holidays as a great time to redo the room(s) instead of buying tons of toys for Christmas. (This is exactly what we are doing)

We started with completely reorganizing the girl’s room and removing toys they no longer play with or use, or are out of their age ranges. I set the room up so that they each would have half the room and on Shelby’s side I set up a reading corner with her books and an adorable  Minnie Mouse  Upholstered Chair by Delta Children.

Delta Childrens Minnie Mouse Chair (6)

Delta Childrens Minnie Mouse Chair (2)

The Upholstered Chair is a perfect big girl chair. This particular upholstered chair Features a cute Minnie Mouse design. The size is perfect for little legs and provides the perfect spot for your little one’s much deserved beauty rest and relaxation.

On either side of the chair are little pockets which can hold books, toys or a sippy cup.
Delta Childrens Minnie Mouse Chair (7)

Delta Childrens Minnie Mouse Chair (8)

Each of the Upholstered Chairs are designed to match with other Delta Children Furniture and coordinates perfectly to create a room for your toddler that they will love!

Instead of buying lots of toys this year, think about getting your toddler their own personal chair where they can sit and read and relax!

You can purchase the Delta Children’s Products Upholstered Chairs at Target! You can also find Delta Children on Facebook!

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