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Holiday Gifts for Her: LuLaRoe *Giveaway closed*

Holiday Gifts for Her LuLaRoe Clothing Giveaway ends Dec. 2

Over a year ago I was first told about LuLaRoe clothing but I never had the opportunity to get any of the clothing. My friend at the time had a Pop Up (also known as a party) during the same time my daughter had a performance with her Strings Group so I sadly missed out.  Then about a month ago I saw a friend talking about LuLaRoe again and I was like “ok, that’s it I need these clothes too” and boy was I right!

With Fall in full swing here where I live I could not wait to get my hands on some of the leggings which is in my opinion what makes women want to try out LuLaRoe. But LuLaRoe offers more than just leggings!

Holiday Gifts for Her LuLaRoe Clothing Giveaway ends Dec. 2nd (7)

I was sent two pairs of one size leggings and a Perfect Tee and I want to live in these clothes. You literally can do anything in these leggings. From every day wear, to working out you can even sleep in them!  These are definitely my go to “pants” when I want to relax on the couch.



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even my almost 13 year old daughter loves LuLaRoe! 


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The Perfect Tee really is a great top to have. It has two slits on the side that I like to tie off. It has  longer sleeves and is just as soft as the leggings.  Right now I like to pair it with my jean jacket because of the cold. lularoe-perfect-tee Holiday Gifts for Her LuLaRoe Clothing Giveaway ends Dec. 2nd (6)

DSC_0023 Another top ladies love to pair with the leggings is the Tirma Tunic. It has a nice flow to it and is comfortable all year long. irma top lularoe LuLaRoe by Nicole Shaw currently holds quite a few Pop Ups where you can get your hands on one size leggings (fits size 0-10 some 12), Tall and curvy leggings (fit size 10-20 some 22), Irma Shirts, Perfect Tee, Classic Tee, maxi Skirts, and so much more! You can also follow LuLaRoe by Nicole Shaw on Instagram  WIN ONE winner will receive a pair of Leggings and an Irma Tunic. ENTER Holiday Gifts for Her: LuLaRoe Clothing *Giveaway ends Dec. 2nd*

Note: This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

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This giveaway will end on Dec. 2nd

*A product was provided.

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  1. I have not tried LulaRoe yet. I have several pairs of leggings on my unicorn list, tho. I also want to try the Nicole dress, but think I want to lose a bit of weight before I do the dress.

  2. I have not tried it yet! I so want to because everything looks so comfortable and so high quality! I also love how the Tee is a bit longer in the back so its perfect for leggings!

  3. I have not tried LulaRoe but I am obsessed with cute leggings. I am at a point in my life where I crave comfort but wanna look cute as well.

  4. I have not but I have heard their clothing is very soft so I really want to try the leggings.

  5. I have not tried LuLaRoe. Leggings excite me, but a great tunic is really hard to find. I would love to check these out.

  6. I have not tried LuLaRoe. My favorite piece of clothing are my jeans. I would like to add leggings to my wardrobe.

  7. I have no tried LuLaRoe yet, but I am excited to try them because I’ve heard such great things about the leggings and how soft & comfortable they are. The patterns are awesome too

  8. I have never tried lularoe i have seen their booth at different boutiques and they have the cutest clothes.

  9. I haven’t tried her, but that I like that her leggings are one size…I’m tall but thin so usually have a tough time getting the right size

  10. Yes! I have a handful of LLR leggings, and I ADORE them. They are so ridiculously comfortable. I’d love to branch out and try a Nicole dress or an Irma!

  11. I have not tried Lula Rue yet, I have heard great things about the comfort though and I would love to check them out.

  12. I haven’t tried Lularoe yet, but I love that everything is really stylish and put together. But it all looks very comfy and cozy at the same time. Love that!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  13. i haven’t shopped at lularoe before but i am excited to get some of their really cute clothes. they have amazing leggings!

  14. I have not tried them yet. I like that they look stylish yet are supposed to be really comfortable to wear.

  15. I have not tried LuLaroe. I am all for comfort. I am a Leggings and sweater or t-shirt kinda girl. These look and sound awesome. If I don’t win I may have to buy some!

  16. No I have not tried this brand but love the idea that you can do anything in the leggings. They are very stylish yet look really comfortable.

  17. I haven’t tried yet. I love how colorful and comfortable they look. They would be my first pair of leggings!

  18. I have not tried them yet, but my all time fave piece of clothing has to be one of my poet blouses – they go with everything, can be dressed up or down and will look fab with the leggings!

  19. I haven’t tried LuLaRoe clothing yet. I think they look really comfortable and I am all about comfort when I dress. The prints are cool too.

  20. I have never tried LuLaRoe before. I am most excited about how comfy and soft everyone says it is. Apparently once you start you just cannot stop buying it!

  21. I have not tried LuLaRoe yet. I like the colorful patterns on their leggings. Also, love the look of the tunic with them.

  22. I have tried LuLaRoe and even hosted a party for my friend!! My fave thing that I own is a chevron maxi skirt. =)

  23. i have not yet tried LuLaRoe. What excites me the most is the comfort and trendy style.

  24. I haven’t got to try them yet, and the size selections is what excites me the most about them!

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