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Holiday Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts: Epson Pulsense Heart Rate Monitors


Epson Pulsense Heart rate Monitors (2)
Epson Pulsense continuous heart rate activity monitors are a fun way to inspire users to reach their fitness goals in the New Year.

While most activity monitors provide an estimate of calories burned, most won’t give very accurate data. Epson’s Pulsense continuous heart rate activity monitors provide the most accurate calorie burn based on heart rate, activity level and personal biometrics. It not only records and stores calorie burn and steps taken, but also monitors continuous heart rate (without a chest strap) and sleep patterns. Read the full info here.

Pulsense makes the perfect workout companion for zone training and staying fit this holiday season, fulfilling fitness New Year’s resolutions and beyond. The device also features five LED lights that indicate which heart rate zone a user is in allowing users to easily monitor progress during workouts.

Pulsense is available in two designs:

  •  The Pulsense PS-100 Band ($129.00): available in black and teal and utilizes a LED display that can be wirelessly connected to a Smartphone to read and transfer the stored biometric data
  • The Pulsense PS-500 Watch ($199.99): features a LCD display for real-time viewing of heart rate, steps, calorie burn and date/time

Both the PS-100 Band and the PS=500 watch are perfect for zone training!

watch and band

Featuring Epson’s leading-edge sensing technology, the PS-500 Watch and PS-100 Band accurately tracks your heart rate, at the wrist, 24/7, along with steps, sleep quality and calories burned. Review stored data with the easy-to-use Pulsense mobile app or website. You get personalized information that’s sure to empower you to reach your next goal.

PS500 watch

PS500 watch

PS100 Band


  • Heart rate monitor and fitness tracker — continuous heart rate monitoring, comfortably measured and displayed at the wrist
  • Zone training made easy — ensure proper intensity with heart rate zone LED indicators
  • Track steps — monitor the amount of activity throughout the day
  • Count calories — track calories burned based on heart rate activity
  • Monitor your sleep patterns — review your sleep quality; calculated using both motion sensing and heart rate data
  • LCD display for real-time stats — conveniently view real-time data on the watch display; no computer or smartphone required
  • Watch data storage — stores up to 20 days of heart rate and activity data in the watch
  • Sync data wirelessly or via USB — easily transfer heart rate and activity data from the wristband to your mobile device via Bluetooth® Smart or to the online site via the USB cradle included
  • View stats on your mobile device or online via a computer — easily access stored data and stats from the mobile app or online website
  • Innovative sensing technology — accurate and compact sensing module detects heart rate from the wrist; rechargeable via USB or optional AC adapter

You can learn more and purchase either the Pulsense PS-100 Band or Pulsense PS-500 Watch at

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  1. I like that it monitors so much. Especially sleep patterns. I feel like I don’t get a good nights sleep and maybe this could help me figure out what is going on.

  2. I do a lot of walking in a day and this would be cool to see just how much. My sister would like it using her eliptical

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