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Holiday Gifts for Crafters: EPSON LabelWorks Print Kits


Holiday Gifts for Crafters: EPSON LabelWorks Print Kits

Know a crafter and looking for the perfect gift for them? Epson has designed a variety of custom label making kits to complement any interest.

Compatible with a variety of unique tapes (glow-in-the-dark, satin ribbon, iron-on, fluorescent, cable wrap, pearlized, polka dot, and more), Epson’s LabelWorks kits make the perfect gift for anyone looking to get creative or organize the home or office. All kits include a portable battery-powered handheld label printer, and two compatible tape cartridges for each use case in a convenient carrying case. With a variety of fonts, symbols and frames, users can create one-of-a-kind custom labels for any need.

EPSON LabelWorks (4)

Below are some of the awesome LabelWorks Kits you can find!

  •  Cable & Wiring Kit – Easily organize electronics wire ‘jungles’ by isolating computer, printer, phone and router cables, AC adapters, DVR cables, TV wires, lamps and more
  • Safety Kit – Print messages on glow-in-the-dark tape to identify emergency kits and supplies, use fluorescent labels to make emergency contacts stand out, or ensure sporting gear is labeled with custom reflective tape
  • Iron-on Kit– create personalized, durable, machine washable iron-on labels ideal for clothing, bags, school items, uniforms, sports jerseys, and more perfect for preparing your child for summer camp or adding a personalized touch to fabrics.
  • Printable Ribbon Kit– perfect for printing personalized satin ribbons for crafts, scrapbooks, decorations, gifts and more (even wrap the gift with a custom bow)

I was so excited to test out the LabelWorks Printer with both the Ribbon Kits and the Iron-On Kits. I love that you only need one of the  portable battery-powered handheld label printer and then you can interchange all the different Label Printer Tapes with it!

I first wanted to use the Ribbon Tapes and make custom ribbon for both of my older daughter’s Nutcracker Cast-mates.

EPSON LabelWorks (2)

Once you select your design just hit print, and then you can pull the tape/ribbon as long as you need then cut it!

EPSON LabelWorks (5)

EPSON Label Works a (2)

I tied up each package with the ribbon!

EPSON Label Works a (1)

Learn more about the LabelWorks Kits at

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  1. I could think of so many things I could use this for from my wires for all our electronics to labeling Christmas totes

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