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Holiday Gifts: Bella Bundles Blanket on the Go

Bella Bundles Blanket on the Go (1)

Blankets, bibs and sleep sacks for the modern mom. We LOVE the all-in-one Blanket On The Go!

Being a busy family with four kids we are constantly on the go. The kids are in the car a lot each day in the afternoons and the baby is either in a baby carrier or stroller a lot. He enjoys it and so does my three year old, they both love being outside. But as the cooler weather approaches I have to find new ways to keep them warm while we are outside.

A blanket I put on their lap usually gets pushed off and falls on the ground which is annoying and frustrating because one the blanket gets dirty and two I usually have to stop a million times to fix it.  Thank goodness I can use a Bella Bundle on them!

Bella bundles Blankets  On the Go are reversible, plush blanket that have unique straps with snaps so that you can attach this blanket to any stroller or carrier.

Bella Bundles Blanket on the Go (2)

The blanket can also become a nursing cover up. Made with ultra plush fabric and stylish cotton prints this blanket is sure to please both mommies and babies. These are the ultimate gift because they serve multiple purposes!

Bella Bundles Blanket on the Go (7) Bella Bundles Blanket on the Go (8)

Bella Bundles Blanket on the Go (4)


The Blanket on the Go is such a versatile blanket with so many uses it is a must have item for these chilly Fall and Winters ahead of us. To learn more head on over to


* A sample free of charge was received from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso.

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