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Holiday 2013: Origami Owl Living Lockets *Giveaway closed*

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I first learned about Origami Owl about six months ago and instantly fell in love. I have been a huge fan of “charm bracelets” ever since I was little and when I became a mom I loved to wear little charms that represented my kids.

The first time I visited through an online Jewelry Party for a friend I was overwhelmed! There was so many options I didn’t know where to start.. more like what I wanted! I wanted everything!

Luckily Origami Owl makes it easy for you to design your Living Locket! You first will find your Designer. My awesome Designer is Michelle! She was quick to explain to me how to start.  When you first get onto Origami Owl it takes to to a landing page that shows you the steps on ordering your Living Locket.


You start with your charms, although I like to start with the locket because then you know how many charms will fit in your locket. With three kids I knew I wanted their birthstones. I also wanted the infinity symbol because it represents my husband and my marriage. Families are forever. I also wanted the simple silver cross for my Faith.



The Mock Up necklace I created for myself came out just as pretty as my Living Locket came out.


After selecting your charms then head on over and select your Locket. Lockets come in three sizes. Mini, Medium and Large. The Mimi holds 1-2 charms. The Medium holds 4-7 charms and the Large holds 7-12 charms. You can choose lockets that are silver, gold, chocolate or black. You can have them with rhinestones around the whole locket or none.

Then you choose your chain. There are lots of chains to choose from, and they come in different sizes and styles. From long Rolo chains to layered chains, there is something for everyone.  I personally love the simple Ball Station Chain.

Add some dangles or tags to complete your necklace! Here is one Michelle made for our friend Tory who fought Angiosarcoma. what an inspiring woman and a beautiful Locket for a dear childhood friend. Tory’s Living Locket shows the beautiful cross and tree of life Dangle.


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I also LOVE these beautiful sister Living Lockets!

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I also put together this Mini Locket for girls. A Gymnastic charm, birth stone and cross looks adorable in the mini!


One thing I HIGHLY recommend is to go to a Jewelry Bar Party! You will be able to get your hands on the beautiful Lockets and see how stunning the charms are in person!

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In fact I fell in love with my Locket so much I decided to join the Origami Owl Team and become a Designer myself! Michelle is such an awesome Meantor too! I am very happy to be on her team.

You can place an online order at and be sure to head on over to find Michelle on Facebook By liking her page and sharing with your friends you can get extra entries to the giveaway!
ONE winner will receive  a $40 Gift Certificate for a Living Locket Necklace!


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Note: This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

Please make sure to follow ALL Giveaway Rules. Please read sweepstake rules HERE.
This giveaway will end on Nov. 25th

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63 Responses to “Holiday 2013: Origami Owl Living Lockets *Giveaway closed*”

  1. Ashley Parker says:

    I totally love the shopping charms with the med chocolate with the rhine stones and the chocolate chain.

  2. Kisha K says:

    I love these necklaces. I would get my MIL a locket with her kids and grandkids’ birthstones.

  3. courtney hennagir says:

    I would love to get the large black matte locket with crystals and go from there!

  4. k says:

    Super cute!! Would make great Christmas gifts.

  5. k says:

    Of course for myself I would choose a living locket.

  6. kris petty says:

    I love the large silver living locket

  7. Betsy says:

    I love origami owl. So much fun!

  8. Stephanie J says:

    I would get a crafting based inside with a faith silver locket and silver faith plate with the silver box chain and the owl charm. Love these so beautiful

  9. debbie jackson says:

    I would get a living locket

  10. mrsshukra says:

    I like the Medium rose gold living locket with charms!

  11. melissa d says:

    Living locket silver..charms to represent my kids

  12. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I would make a locket with Accent Stones that represent my children’s birthstones.

  13. Jessica B. says:

    I like the large silver living locket.

  14. Jennifer H. says:

    I would get the medium silver locket with crystals and charms that are heart shaped with our family’s birthstones.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Medium silver living locket

  16. Maureen says:

    I love the large chocolate locket with the cherry charm and the “love to read” charm


  17. sarah says:

    I would choose the 30″ silver custom box chain


  19. Nikki says:

    I’m getting my twin sister a living locket for Christmas!

  20. Laura says:

    I’d love to get the Medium Matte Black Locket!

  21. Karen S says:

    I would get the medium rose gold locket and postcard charm.

  22. Hillary says:

    I love the silver crystal lockets with the birthstone charms and the knitting needles! 🙂

  23. Rebecca says:

    I love the new Black Locket!!

  24. Denise McCaskill says:

    I LOVE all the new stuff!! I really want to get the over the heart and a bracelet!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  25. Sarah Avila says:

    I like the Chocolate locket with crystals

  26. Jennie says:

    I have been wanting a Mommy Necklace that I can add to! I love it!

  27. Eliza Ferree says:

    as to which necklace I would get the 20″ STERLING SILVER CHAIN but would love the GOLD MULTI-LAYER CHAIN if it were in silver

  28. karel says:

    I’m not sure what I would put in my locket, but I would like a brown or black locket.

  29. Pam O says:

    I would get the large silver locket.

  30. Mariaelena Dominguez says:

    Black matte locket

  31. Nancy Sloan says:

    I love the family and the travel one.

  32. Robyn says:

    I would get a locket with charms that represent my love for my family! I especially like the aqua key to my heart charm and the blessed plate!

  33. Sasha says:

    Love these! Want one f

  34. Sasha says:

    Love these! Want one for my mom, sister and myself too! Great gift idea.

  35. Jena Dudley says:

    very cool! would love to win!

  36. Jen L says:

    I like the holiday necklaces!

  37. Gianna says:

    Medium silver link locket with crystals.

  38. Mahdi M says:

    I would get the 16 inch toggle chain, and some pretty dangles.

  39. Sarah says:

    I love these charms! I am giving one to my mother and mother in law for christmas!

  40. Sarah j says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Love the necklaces!

  41. Kellie T says:

    OMG! Seriously, where to start!!! My head is turning just looking at the charms!! I want one! Super excited!!

  42. Kari R says:

    Love these! Getting mom the large gold w/crystals locket and adding all the grandkids birthstones! Giving as a Xmas gift!

  43. Laura M. says:

    I would get a large silver locket with rhinestones and then get kid birthstone charms to represent my children and the family plate.

  44. LaShunda says:

    I Just discovered these fantastic lockets! I would love to create a chocolate lockers with my children’s birth stones, a faith plate, family charms, and the wings. I think my mother would love it!

  45. Stacey says:

    I would get the medium or large silver with long chain and I’d get an elephant, Eiffel Tower, the aunt heart, and an infinity symbol inside!

  46. Emily Morelli says:

    I am really enchanted by these and could take a very long time choosing just the right locket. I know I’d get silver with a blessed plate, the silver E initial, and the bright eyed owl.

  47. Elizabeth N says:

    I would get the large silver with stones living locket.

  48. Kimberly says:


  49. Lisa M says:

    My Origami Owl Living Locket is the first piece of jewelery that I put on before leaving for work each day. It was a gift from my amazing sister on my 41st Birthday and she had purchased her own the same year on her 31st. I would have myself but I did not know they existed!
    Our mom is no longer with us so we are each others support, but we do have a wonderful step-mom in our lives now that we would love to share our treasured keepsake with and give her her very own. My sister and I both have silver, but for her I would chose gold as she has a heart of gold.
    Thank you for this chance to win, good luck everyone!

  50. denise says:


  51. connie says:

    Origami Owl Living Locket are so neat….i’ve never seen them before thanks for letting me know about them….these would make great graduation gifts.

  52. Jennifer says:

    I would make something with the Tagged section

  53. Assunta says:

    I have so many things in my wish list on Origami Owl already, I would just make a locket out of the things I’ve been wishing for. Letter charms, puffy heart, the key dangler. 🙂

  54. Kim Holsapple says:

    I would do the Large Silver Living Locket and design it for my soon to be high school graduate and first born.

  55. Jo Gomez says:

    I just discovered Origami Owl! I love it! I will be getting my mom a locket. She was there with me, supporting me during every Chemo treatment I had and every procedure and surgery! My mom rocks and she deserves something this beautiful! I’m getting her the rolo chain with the med silver locket and 5 charms… Then I’ll work on some for me! Love it!

  56. Dani says:

    My mom wants one so bad, I’d love to win! <3

  57. Dani says:

    Forgot to mention I would get the medium silver rhinestone locket and put my daughters initials in it as well as a plate!

  58. Kristianna says:

    I would love the large silver lining locket with a rose gold “love life”plate and silver “dream” plate. I would add some accent stones and maybe a rose gold infinity symbol or some angel wings. Love origami owl!

  59. Nichelle Nicholes says:

    I would love to gift one of these necklaces to my boyfriend’s daughter for Christmas. She recently came to live with us and wants one so much. We just had so much fun going through all of the options on the website!

  60. Shawna Pence says:

    Would be a great gift for my mother!

  61. Sheila says:

    I love the over the heart silver chain and the medium silver crystal lockets.

  62. Lisabeth says:

    My first pick would be an Autism charm for my little guy Noah, then a vintage gold cross with gold living locket and dangle bracelet. Thanks for the chance to win!


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