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Holiday 2012: Zippo Hand Warmer

With 80 strong years under its belt Zippo is taking a huge step.  In the effort to become more than just the best lighter in the world, the iconic brand has created a new line of products that are ideal for even the non-smokers in your life. And, with Zippo’s overnight shipping,  you’ll get your gift, just in time.

Keeping Warm – Whether for hunting, hiking, skiing, tailgating, or even just walking to the office, Zippo’s Hand Warmers are the perfect gift to keep your mittens toasty.  The Hand Warmers provide up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent, odorless heat.

Each Hand Warmer features all metal construction and comes with a fleece warming bag, so the heat is always gentle or you and your loved ones’ skin.  And unlike disposable warmers, these can be used again and again, as they are refillable with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid.

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4 Responses to “Holiday 2012: Zippo Hand Warmer”

  1. Donna Marie says:

    How cool!! I want one of these. What a great idea. Love it!

  2. Christine Wooldridge says:

    need that up in the mtns!

  3. lauren england says:

    i need one for when i shovel

  4. rebecca norton says:

    joel just saw these in the sportsman guide and is getting them

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