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Holiday 2012: The World Atlas of Beer

Yes, any man or woman who enjoys the different flavors of Beer, the history of Beer or who wants to learn more will love the The World Atlas of Beer.

As soon as my husband saw this hard covered book he was super excited to read it, and he is not a book fan!

Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont are renowned beer writers and leading authorities on the subject of Beer. Together they traveled the globe to compile a comprehensive, fully illustrated volume on the beers of over 35 countries.

Take a beer-lovers trip around the world to learn about a wide variety of brews with two experts on the subject.The World Atlas of Beer is a comprehensive, fully illustrated volume on the beers of more than 35 countries and hundreds of craft breweries by two of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, with a detailed overview of more than 500 international beers. This global journey includes an in-depth history of this delightful beverage — its origins, brewing methods and technologies, trends, and more. You’ll also explore how to match beer with food and discover the differences between craft beers and mass-produced brews. It’s compiled into sections devoted to major beer-producing countries and regions, including information on craft brewing, emerging markets, extreme beers, future-trend forecasts, and much more.Your ultimate beer tour commences here!

Author Bios Stephen Beaumont, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World, has been writing about beer and other beverages for over two decades, in publications as diverse as Playboy and the International Herald Tribune, Whisky Advocate and The Globe and Mail. He has written seven books on beer, including two editions of The Great Canadian Beer Guideand the landmark A Taste for Beer. When not travelling the world in search of great beer, he lives with his wife in Toronto.

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