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Holiday 2012: Nomad Brush

Looking for a neat and unique Holiday Gift for your  drawing r paint lover?

Nomad Brush offers the only paintbrush stylus on the market to garner rave reviews from the likes of Vanity Fair, The Washington Post and The New York Times—and professional digital artists and novice doodlers alike are doing amazing things with the Nomad Brush and an iPad. With the proper tool – like the Nomad Brush Compose – artists can create on digital devices in ways that look and feel like real, priceless works of art.

I love that  Nomad’s website has a list of great apps to sue along with the Nomad Brush.

Of course the kids love it with any paint program!

For information on the full line of Nomad Brushes and to see artists’ amazing iPad creations visit:

Be sure to visit Our Ordinary Life to see what they think of it!

*A product was provided.

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  1. That is a unique gift.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christine Wooldridge says:

    i want one

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