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Holiday 2012: NatureBox

Whether you’re a child, teen, parent, grandparent or single adult, one thing is for sure: When hunger strikes, you want to eat. Unfortunately, 76% of us are impulse eaters—–meaning that when the urge to snack hits, we reach for WHATEVER we can find.

The professional snackers at NatureBox know what impulse-eating can do to us. That’s why NatureBox’s monthly snack deliveries are the perfect holiday gift for fellow snack fanatics who would prefer to have healthier snack alternatives right at their fingertips when the impulse hits.

The company’s ‘healthy snack box delivered to your door’ concept makes healthier snacking easier and provides busy people with a convenient way to have nutritious, wholesome, and minimally processed snacks always on-hand throughout the year. For less than $20 a month, a NatureBox includes 15-20 servings of 4-6 items ‘curated’ by a nutritionist and sourced from local growers and independent food suppliers across the U.S. Every snack included in the box is free of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. With measured portions, NatureBox snacks make it easier on snackers to resist over-indulging in unwanted and unhealthy calories.

Additionally, for each NatureBox sold, NatureBox donates one meal to its partner organization Feeding America that feeds 37-million hungry Americans every year..

December’s delivery will be a ‘Best of the Year’ NatureBox snacks collection.  January’s box will include delicious nuts, fruits, and other snacks handpicked for a healthy New Year. NatureBox also incorporates dinner recipe ideas to go with the monthly theme.

October ‘immunity boosting’ snack box

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