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Holiday 2012: Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Toymaker Playhut is proud to announce Mystixx Vampires Dolls, four stunning transformational fashion dolls that are popular girls at school by day and powerful vampires at night.   Mystixx Vampires are beautiful 11″ fashion doll divas named Talin, Siva, Azra and Kalani that literally “turn” their personalities to fit their moods with a simple twist of their heads.

A unique and beautiful doll with two distinctive personalities and two lives for “reality to fantasy” play. Two different worlds of fashion and accessories for Mystixx the Vampires “transforming” fun. Two sets of interchangeable, beautiful hair in hip styles and trendy highlights allow Mystixx the Vampires to transform from day to night.

All four Mystixx Vampire dolls have different ‘personalities’ that focus on characteristics like confidence, compassion, competitiveness and intelligence.  These four girls come from different backgrounds and just recently started at a new school together.  The rich back stories provide a perfect backdrop for girls’ creative play.

Be sure to visit Our Ordinary Life to see what they think of it!

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