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Holiday 2012: Help Remedies

When I saw the Help Remedies I thought they would make great stocking stuffers for College kids and adults.

Everybody in the drug aisle likes to talk about more, bigger, extra, super, and maximum. Help® is a new type of drug company—a drug company that promises you less.

All of Help®’s solutions are made with a single active ingredient. Help, I have a headache, for example, contains only acetamin-ophen,whereas some other kinds of headache medicines may contain two or three active ingredients. The drugs themselves are made with the fewest possible coatings and dyes. Many drugs are colored and coated for decorative purposes. Help® would rather people didn’t have to ingest decoration.

Each product is titled after the specific symptom it is meant to solve, e.g. Help I can’t sleep, instead of an unrelated brand name, so that people understand clearly what they are taking and what they are taking it for.

to learn more head on over to and to order.

Be sure to visit Our Ordinary Life to see what they think of it!

*A product was provided.

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2 Responses to “Holiday 2012: Help Remedies”

  1. Donna Marie says:

    Love the stocking stuffer idea. I want to try the help I can’t sleep ones.

  2. Christine Wooldridge says:

    great idea

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