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Holiday 2012: Eco Vessel Challenge 21 Water Bottle

As soon as I saw the Challenge 21 Water Bottle by Eco Vessel I thought it was a great stocking stuffer for kids of all ages. Especially those who use reusable water bottles, hikers, runners, sport geeks.. you name it. But the one person who loves it the most just happens to be my seven year old!

The Challenge 21 has been tested to remove 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and its activated coconut shell carbon reduces toxic chemicals, heavy metals, microscopic pathogens, chlorine, sediment and dirt – so it’s safe to use everywhere from the back country to the office.

The MiraGuard antimicrobial technology even keeps the filter clean and free of mold, so you can be sure that whether you’re using tap water or river water, you’re drinking the freshest water around.

Eco Vessel has partnered with Challenge 21 to help Jake Norton climb the three tallest peaks on each of all seven continents to help raise $2.1 Million in support of Water For People.

A portion of all profits from these bottles will be directed directly to Water For People, an organization that works to provide safe water for people in developing countries around the world.  By supporting Challenge21 and Water For People, you can have a major impact on the lives of people as we work together to provide safe water for Everyone, Everywhere.

Head on over to to learn more, and to check out the products available.


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