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Holiday 2012: Beam N Read Hands Free Light

As soon as I saw the Beam N Read Hands Free Light I thought of quite a few people who would love this, but most off I knew my kids would! They both love to read in their bed at night, and this is the perfect light for bed time readers!

Beam N Read Hands Free Lights are very useful  holiday gifts. They offer the most practical functionality of any personal  portable light such as flashlights, headlamps, and clip-on book lights. Beam N  Read lights are worn around the neck and shine a steady hands free light from  the chest to personal space. That makes a big difference in usefulness for  task lighting and for walking in dim or dark places. Its combination  of features, accessories, and battery life is unmatched by other personal  lights.

Beam N Read lights work with all eReaders (Kindle, etc.) regardless of size or thickness and whether naked, skinned or covered. They evenly light up two pages of a printed book and unlike clip-on book lights work hands free with newspapers, letters, maps, loose papers, even for reading the label on a medication bottle.

Unlike headlamps, the light doesn’t bounce around during normal head movements nor does it shine in a companion’s eyes when you look at them.

The extra bright light in the 6 LED model is especially helpful for seniors who eyes are not so young anymore. Studies show that the average 60 year old for specific tasks needs three times the light as the average 20 year old. Beam N Read enables extra task lighting to be available anywhere without needing to rely on fixed or environmental lighting which may not always accommodate the extra needs of many seniors.

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