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Holiday 2011: The World’s Oldest Joke Book

In the recently released, The World’s Oldest Joke Book readers will find hundreds of filthy ancient quips translated from what historians believe is the oldest joke book in the world.

From absurd situations, to farting and foolishness, The World’s Oldest Joke Book contains a wealth of jokes, some of which still hit the mark and some that will have you groaning with laughter (even if it is because they’re so bad, they’re good). Among these ancient gems you will find:

An idiot hears that a crow can live for up to 200 years, So he buys one to see if it’s true.

An Abderite meets a eunuch who’s chatting with a woman, and asks him if this is his wife. When he’s told the eunuchs can’t have wives, the Abderite says, “My mistake-it must be your daughter.”

With over 200 wisecracks and absurd one-liners, The World’s Oldest Joke Book will prove beyond doubt that when it comes to witty repartee, humankind will never be able to top “Yeah? Well, you smell.”

The perfect gift for the men in our lives who tell terrible jokes!


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