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Holiday 2011: Sweetriot Chocolate

There is no denying I am a Chocolate lover. If I could I’d have some dark chocolate all the time. I was so excited to hear about sweetriot.

Best known for its original, all-natural treats made with actual cacao beans, sweetriot has now taken their delicious dark chocolate and created a portion control-friendly bar. sweetriot’s NEW riotBar is available in Pure 60% Dark Chocolate with Crunch Nibs, Pure 70% Dark Chocolate and Pure 85% Dark Chocolate available in Net wt. 3.5 oz. (100g) bars.  Rioters are encouraged to indulge their sweet tooth with this delicious low-calorie treat, without feeling any guilt as it contains 20 to 21 calories per square – great for portion control.

Available at Whole Foods  sweetriot products retail for $3.99. They are healthy as they are organic, packed with antioxidants, free of gluten or dairy ingredients, and are low in sugar.

Sweetriot also has Ultimate Holiday FIX Gift Pack, which come in a box of 24 squares for $19.99 or 90 squares in the cube are $29.99. Both are available exclusively at

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