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Holiday 2011: Record-A-Story

Record a Story is a remarkable new storybook that enables you to record your voice reading the story. If you are a parent away from home frequently, or you are in the military assigned to a faraway land, or you are a grandparent who lives in a different time zone—you can still give a child the comfort of your voice reading a favorite story. Record a book in your own voice, and create a keepsake gift.

When I first saw the  I Love You So Much Book I thought how neat it would be for the girls to record reading the book for their baby sister.

The story and illustrations relate reasons why you love a child, such as, You
have such a good, kind heart, and Your laugh is one of my very favorite sounds.

Follow these directions to set up the book:

  • Turn to the page you wish to record.
  • Press the RECORD button. Listen to the instructions. When you hear a beeping sound, read the words on the page.
  • After you are finished reading the page, press STOP.
  • You can re-record until you are satisfied with your recording. Repeat the process with the remaining pages of the book.
  • You can also record a personalized message on the dedication page.

These books make wonderful Holiday gifts for children of all ages.

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  1. Hey, these are super great for military or anyone that is having to spend time away from their kids. My husband is in the marines and is recording 2 for our kids so those nights he can’t read them a story before bed in person they can at least hear him read it. Plus we have had our children’s grandparents do one as well as one of their adopted aunts. I love these books.

  2. I LOVE this idea. My daughter spends every other weekend away from me. I think she would love hearing mommy when I can’t be with her

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