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Holiday 2011: Real-Money Deluxe Savings Goal ATM

As soon as I saw the Real-Money Deluxe Savings Goal ATM I thought of Samantha. I knew it would be perfect thing for her to learn to save money, keep track of how much she has and learn the value of money.

This deluxe ATM features a single-screen back lit digital display. Just insert the ATM card to activate the screen and view your savings. The coin slot recognizes the value of each coin and the automatic bill feeder accepts real currency. This secure vault is sure to keep your money safe—only you have access with your digital access code. Stand it up or hang on a wall with its built-in wall mount.


  • Works with real money
  • Backlit digital display
  • Coin recognition
  • Motorized bill feeder
  • ATM Ccard included

This Savings ATM is perfect for teaching kids the value of money and how to save. Most kids see their parents put money into ATMs but don’t understand how it works or where it goes, this cna help them understand how the bank keeps our money safe and we spend it only when we have to.

*A product was provided thanks to Team Mom.

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