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Holiday 2011: RCA USB Wall Charger & Wall Plate

What do you get for the Techie who has just about everything? I think I have people telling me all the time they have no idea what to get someone like me who who loves the Tech gadgets but what do I NOT have?

If you have a Techie who has everything I bet they don’t have the RCA USB Wall Plate Charger. The Wall Plate Charger Plugs into an existing outlet and charges any USB device!  It easily converts any dual standard outlet into two USB charging outlets and single standard outlet It allows access to the other standard power outlet via pass through.

  • 2 USB outlets allow fast, full speed charging for 2 smartphones or 1 tablet
  • Optimized 2.1 amp outlet for iPad

You can purchase the RCA USB Wall Charger Plate at Lowes.


Another fantastic product, which also makes a great stocking stuffer is the RCA USB Wall Charger. Very similar to the Wall Plate but has an open top to set your phone or gadget your charging on. It’s perfect for home and travel.

This charger is fast, with full-speed charging for 2 smartphones at the same time or 1 tablet. The rotating clip adapts to almost any outlet orientation and still holds your device while it charges. You can also use the charger by itself, without the clip. The protective travel cap makes it easy to stow in the bag and go.

  • Converts any 110V AC outlet into 2 USB charging outlets
  • 2 Amp USB power for full-speed charging of 2 smartphones or 1 tablet
  • Holds the portable device, keeping it safer and your countertop clutter-free
  • Charger rotates 90 or 180 degrees to accommodate any plug orientation
  • USB charger includes cover

You can purchase the RCA USB Wall Charger on RCA.

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  1. I love this!! A wall plug with room for 2 USB ports, plus can hold a smartphone to keep it off the counter! I would love this for a present!!

  2. I’ve gotten some feedback that this charger is slower than the Apple USB charger. Did you find this to be true? Thanks.

    1. Anything will be slower than when it comes to charing Apple products if your not using an actual Apple Charger. I agree with you Kevin!

  3. Actually it is just as fast as apple charger. We specifically used a 2.1 amp charger for the bottom USB port which is exactly what apple uses.

  4. OHHHHHH I want this. I now have all of our devices laying on the kitchen counter and just generally in the way when I cook. This would be so perfect!

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