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Holiday 2011: Pincurl Girls

I Believe in Myself bracelets will encourage you to look for the  positive parts in your life.

Girls start to loose their self-esteem at 9 years old, so it is important for them to practice positive thinking.

The 12 bracelets are used to remind her to say something nice about herself at least 12 times a day.

Your teen moves a bracelet from one wrist to the other each time  she laughs, compliments a friend, smiles to herself or pats  herself on the back for doing a great job, etc. One wrist of bracelets  tracks her goals and the other wrist tracks her accomplishments.

The goal is to move all the bracelets from one wrist to the other  by the end of the day. 12 bracelets = 12 positive thoughts.

I know Samantha is going to love the I Believe in Myself Bracelets. I think they will help her feel good about herself and help others in the process.

These make perfect stocking stuffers for your tween!

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