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Holiday 2011: MEON glow

Kids can create their own neon-like sign out of Electroluminescent Wire and play games including Fortune Teller and Memory Game or set the Music Visualizer, Room Alarm or Night-Light functions. There are limitless ways to create, play and display with Meon glow!

We received the Disney Princess Deluxe Animation Studio. I know my kids will find this really fun and a great even play top. I can see the girls using it as a nightlight!

Transform your favorite Disney Princesses into cool animated Neon-Esque works of art. No power cords! No light bulbs! No heat! Just magical Meon wire that lights up in whatever form you bend, lace and shape.

In addition to the 6 included templates, you can draw your own art work (on normal paper) and create custom animating masterpieces.

Meon is durable and reusable, so you can build and rebuild as many times as you want.

This is a must have item on any kids list! You can purchase it at local toy stores including Kmart.

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  1. My son and daughter both received this toy for Christmas and while my sons has already gone through its second battery change, my daughter has yet to play with hers. Every time we set up a picture we put the cover on but it persists to tell us “please put the cover on” plz help I’ve searched for a reason on why this happens but I’ve yet to find anything…

    1. We haven’t had the problem. Did you make sure that the cords are plugged in and not being pinched by the cover?

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