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Holiday 2011: Marvel Superhero Deluxe Vehicle & Superhero Adventures Pack

What little boy doesn’t love Superheroes? From Spiderman, Hulk to Captain America he will love these cute little action figures.

Give your favorite heroes a way to move quickly with the Crime-Cruising Car. Your Spider-Man and Hulk figures can battle evil wherever they find it with you in charge and the Crime-Cruising Car will take them there in a hurry.

Put them in the seats and if the car needs more speed, push the bumper to convert it to a hovercraft. If your heroes need more firepower, launch the included rockets.

The Crime-Cruising Car comes with Spider-Man and Hulk figures and launching rockets.


Keep your little guy in with all the fun with the Marvel Superhero Adventures Figure 2 Pack Assortment. Each Adventure Pack comes with 2 figures.

There are:

  • Captain America & Wolverine
  • Hulk & Thor
  • Spiderman & Green Goblin
  • Iron Man & Dr. Doom
  • Iron Man & Silver Surfer
  • Spiderman & Dr. Octopus

Each 2 pack retails for $5.99

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