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Holiday 2011: Ezy Roller

Not a luge, not a bike, not a scooter, the EzyRoller moves like a snake, without chains or pedals, using easy right-left leg movements. There are no chains and no batteries – the EzyRoller moves and turns silently.

The best riding toys grow with children to allow for multiple levels of  interaction, but few ride-on toys  actually span the years from toddler to teen like the EzyRoller.

Children move the Ezyroller with their feet. The EzyRoller is also an great development tool for autistic children  and children with special needs. Since it is low to the ground, the Ezyroller is  both safer and less risky than a typical bicycle and can be more fun than a  skateboard or scooter.

The EzyRoller  has no pedals, no chain, and no batteries  are needed to propel an EzyRoller. Only simple right/left moves on the foot rest  are required.

EzyRollers are available for $99.00-  $109.00 at specialty bicycle and toy retailers nationwide. EzyRollers are  available in three styles: EzyRoller Junior in red, EzyRoller Education in red  and black, and the classic EzyRoller in white, black, blue, red and hot pink.

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