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Holiday 2011: Come-Back Racers Ford Mustang

When I saw the Come-Back Racers in Ford Mustang I thought that any little boy would love them!

Race off and roll on back! The Come Back Racers Set takes you from the starting line to the pits, with motorized forward drive and classic come-back feature.

A “light tree” button panel triggers lights, realistic sounds, vocals and great licensed music. The buttons are on the roof of the car.  The first button plays a song, the second button makes realistic engine revving noises, and the third button makes the car move. The car will go forward, stop, and then go in reverse before stopping again.

There are four Come-Back Racers, each with a different song. The Chevy Camaro plays “Taking Care of Business,” the Ford Mustang 5.0 plays “Radar Love”, the Dodge Ram plays “Free Ride”, and the Toyota Tundra plays “Move It On Over.”

*A product was provided thanks to Team Mom.

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