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Holiday 2011: Cadance Watch

I have to say that my husband is probably one of the hardest to shop for during the Holiday Season. I know he would say I am but really I always want to get him something special and unique.

When I saw the Cadance 4 Bit Binary Watch I thought it would be something he would like, that any tech man would like.

Want to improve your geek cred?  Then this is the watch for you. Instead of Arabic or Latin numerals, the numbers on this dial are 4-bit. binary. This watch is classy enough to wear with on any occasion, while geeky enough to make a good conversation starter.

The  4-bit binary watch was designed by John Flear. His designs often  incorporate high-tech motifs into classical objects. These objects take  on a signature retro-futuristic feel. This retro-futuristic tension also  surfaced in his critically acclaimed low resolution LED panel. The LED  panel simulated a swarm of fireflies within the rigid confines of a  traditional wall mounted picture frame made of brushed aluminum. While  not aluminum, the 4-bit watch also uses brushed metal, this time  jewelery-grade stainless steel, to create a retro look. John Flear then  punctures the retro look with the 4-bit binary markings that bring us  back to our technological age where geeks rule supreme.

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