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Holiday 2011: Beer Bouquet

If I wasn’t pregnant and received one of these awesome Bouquets.. well I’ love it!  With the Holidays here sending loved ones fun and unique gifts is something we love to do. And what man wouldn’t love a Beer Bouquet?

What is a Beer Bouquet? Well, it’s just what it says. A bucket full of a six pack of the buyer’s choice! Each Bouquet starts at $49.99 and shoppers get to choose which bucket they want along with the 6 pack of beer of their choice. You can add peanuts and other merchandise goodies as well.

Since I am pregnant and not indulging in beer I decided to go with a Beer Bouquet for Pat. I picked the New England Patriots Bucket and the Samuel Adams Winter Classics since I know Hubby loves it but only gets it during..winter.

I do want to add that Beer Bouquet does offer Root Beer for those non drinkers out there, including non-alocoholic beer as well.

Don’t forget to enter in a gift message for the recipient! Also, you can include or exclude peanuts at no extra charge.

When our Beer Bouquet arrived I was impressed with how it was shipped. It does not come already put together, this ensures that nothing breaks. The beer or root beer is is placed in between foam to keep them safe and the recipient can put it together (if they want) or get those puppies to the fridge!

I do want to add that since I am pregnant Beer Bouquet wanted me to enjoy the Bouquet so they included two root beers for me! How sweet right?

Head on over to for more information and to order your own Beet Bouquet!

*A product was provided. Beer Bouquets can only be purchased by persons over the age of 21.


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