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Holiday 2010: Perplexus

When I first saw Perplexus I thought it looked interesting. As soon as it arrived in the mail I couldn’t wait to play it. Perplexus is a rather addicting game that is fun for everyone.

This little sphere contains a really cool three-dimensional maze with a ball bearing inside. Your job is to get the little ball from one end of the maze to the other.

You’ve got to rotate the sphere through all three physical dimensions, and get our old friend gravity to pull the ball through loops, whorls, around corners, up walls, around pits, and across precipices to get from end to end. Don’t worry, for training, there are places in the maze where you can pick up where you stopped.

Perplexus  assists in child development allowing children to exercise their motor and dexterity skills, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination. Its small size makes it easily portable. No batteries required. Ages 6 and up.

*A product was received.

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  1. My son had one of these and we kept it in the car. It was great…it couldn’t get lost and pieces wouldn’t disappear.

    And like you said, it was addicting for him.

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