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Holiday 2010: Creativity For Kids: Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook

Samantha has loved to make her own storybooks for 2 years now; ever since she learned to read and write.  I am constantly making mini books for her so she cna write to her little hearts content.

When she saw the adorable Creativity For Kids: Create Your Own Enchanted Storybook she was so excited.  She loved that the book had lines to write her story and a nice big area to draw her pictures. Sarah is learning to write too, so she has fun drawing her pictures and I helped her write the words.  I love that this Kit has everything the kids need to make their story, from pens to stickers, sparkles.. the girls loved the stickers that they could color and place in their books wherever they want. These really are adorable!

This adorable castle-shaped book comes ready to decorate with markers, glitter stickers, color-in-stickers and rhinestones. Write your story on the lined pages then use the blank pages for your illustrations. Open the drawbridge door and personalize the story with your name. You can add your picture to the tower window too!

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  1. These are great, it not only promotes creativity but literacy as well. How much do each of these run and where can I get them?

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