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Hobbies From Home: Fun, Productive Ideas for Busy Moms

In life, it’s important to have hobbies. Not just for the enjoyment factor- hobbies can help you to relax, boost your confidence and can help you to maintain your identity. They help you maintain a good work/ life balance, and can give you a much-needed break from the stress that life can sometimes throw your way. But fitting in hobbies can be a struggle, when you’re a busy mom, you don’t have all the time or money in the world to indulge in frivolous things. However, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still have fun and do something productive. There are loads of things you can do right from your own home, maybe it’s an hour in the afternoon when your little one is having a nap or later in the evening when they’re in bed. Hobbies can help you maintain your identity after having kids, and is something just for you. And let’s face it, a bit of time just for yourself is as precious as gold when you’re a busy parent! Here are some hobbies to consider.


Blogging, Writing or Journaling

Blogging is completely free to start, simply open an account with Blogger or WordPress. No special equipment is needed, just a laptop or computer which chances are you already own! Blogging allows you to improve your writing skills and vocabulary, as well as introduces you to things like graphic design, coding and photography. Plus you also learn about social media networking and promotion, which is a useful skill to have. If you set up your own business at any point later down the line, these skills are all transferable. Many people have been able to make blogging their full time job, due to things like sponsored posts, advertising and affiliate marketing. So later down the line, you might even make a little cash with your hobby. If you like the idea of writing but don’t want it to be a public thing, how about journaling or creative writing? You could write stories for your kids or just for yourself to hone your skills.


There are many reasons why you should learn to play an instrument- even if you’re new to it all as an adult. It teaches you discipline and patience and boosts your brain. Research suggests that adults who can play an instrument have better cognitive, motor and physical abilities than adults who don’t. Basic instruments aren’t too expensive to buy, or you could hire one and try different ones to work out which is the best for you. Youtube is full of tutorials and there’s sheet music online so this side of things would cost you nothing. If you were a complete beginner, you could hire a tutor to come to your home and show you the basics. At least from there you have some techniques you can build from.


Arts and Crafts

There are so many ideas on sites like Pinterest to inspire you when it comes to crafts. You could make your own candles or jewelry. You could draw, paint or sew. You could get into card making, you could use an online card maker or create something using paper and decorations. You could knit or create decorative homeware items. If you sew things like cushions curtains even clothes, you could save yourself quite a bit of money as well as have fun in the process. Another fun crafty thing to try is upcycling furniture. You can give a new lease of life to an old piece with some paint and new hardware- perfect for saving money on new furnishings in the home. Another fun craft is making items to sell, like matt oilcloths which are really popular both for on tables and under high chairs for baby messes. The world really is your oyster!



Baking is a fun hobby and something that will surely go down well with family and friends! With a few simple store cupboard ingredients, you can make all kinds of cakes, cookies, pastries and savories. There are loads of recipes online which you could follow along to until you’re confident enough to create your own. If you’re conscious of fat and sugar, there are healthier alternatives you could make too. Wholegrain spinach and cheese muffins, for example, make a healthy grab and go breakfast or snack. You could make vegan or gluten free goodies if you or any of your family member has special dietary requirements. It would certainly be cheaper than buying from a store, and you know exactly what’s gone into it too. If you want to bake but also want the convenience factor, a bread machine is a good investment. You get to flavor it however you like, but the kneading, proving and baking is all done in one machine. As long as you have a good dough recipe, it will work every time.


Watching something grow from seemingly nothing into something amazing is incredibly rewarding. You could plant a variety of bulbs and seeds and watch your flowerbeds and pots flourish all throughout the year. You could create a little herb garden, or even section out an area of the yard to grow vegetables. If you wanted to take the hobby a step further, a greenhouse would allow you to extend the growing season. It will keep you fit and save you money on your grocery bill too. If you’re new to gardening, look online to find out what’s easy to grow in the place where you live. As you get more knowledge, you can attempt to grow different things. A few hand tools, a bag of compost and some seeds or bulbs wouldn’t cost much and is a great way to get you started.


Having a hobby that’s inexpensive and accessible, that you can dip into for an hour or two at a time is useful when you’re a busy parent. If you’re hoping to make the most of the little free time you have, give one of these a try!
Do you have any hobbies that you really enjoy? What hobbies from home would you recommend to busy parents?

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