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Hey guess what? We don’t need that advice! #ParentOn *Giveaway closed*



Our sweet baby boy is already six months old. Time has been going by so quickly I can’t blink or else I’ll miss those sweet little milestones.

So as most of you know our boy came after we had three girls. I am used to girls, everything girl! So I am sure you can imagine the advice or more like “advice” I received from all those “expert” parents on how to deal with a boy. But also the comments…

When your baby wants to taste his sister's popsicle - why not? #ParentOn
When your baby wants to taste his sister’s popsicle – why not? #ParentOn

I can not even believe how everyone has opinions on how we should raise our children or the comments they make like

“Oh I see dad finally got a boy”


“well now you have a boy you’re done having kids right??”

I didn’t realize that everyone else got to decide on how many children we have, or that we better not let him play with his sisters tutus or dolls.

This is what I have to say…

If my son wants to play with tutus and dolls, I will let him. Why? Because boys can be ballerinas, and think of the imagination he will have dancing with his sisters? If he wants to play with dolls, I hope he does. He will learn how to care and nurture for a baby and become an amazing father one day.

Because I am going to #ParentOn and trust my instincts!  #ParentOn encourages parents to ignore the unsolicited advice they may receive, trust their instincts and embrace all of the perfectly imperfect parenting moments as their children grow!  ….. This is what you can do with that advice……


Tommee Tippee also released the results of its #ParentOn Poll, revealing that more than half of moms feel overwhelmed by unsolicited advice.

The survey also found:

  • Moms crave shut-eye, with 42% citing “more sleep” as the one thing that would have been most helpful to them as a new parent.
  • Weary moms are also hoping to grow an extra set of hands (13%) and magically acquire telepathic powers to better understand their baby’s needs (13%).
  • More than half of today’s moms (54%) say they feel more pressure to be the perfect parent than their own parents did.
  • Although they’re feeling more pressure, nearly half say they are more prepared than the previous generation (46%) and are having more fun than their parents (48%).

For more information on #ParentOn, come join us online at


ONE winner will receive a set of feeding bottles and pacifiers from Tommee Tippee.


Hey guess what? We don't need that advice! #ParentOn *Giveaway ends Sept. 24th*

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This giveaway will end on Sept. 24th

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  1. I was once told, if you keep trying something and it doesn’t work for you, it’s dumb to keep trying.

  2. I hated the advice about putting cereal in baby’s bottle to make them sleep more. That didn’t work at all.

  3. Save money and use the cheap diapers and wipes. It caused a rash within a day and extra laundry.

  4. We were told to just let the baby cry when she’s crying and don’t comfort her. I will comfort my little one all I want!

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