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Healthy Halloween Tips

Halloween without candy may be a horrifying concept for kids, but the nutrition stats on the hordes of candy being eaten can be just as terrifying for parents. However, there are simple solutions to help make Halloween a healthier holiday without taking away all the fun. To make sure that Halloween kicks off with a bang instead of a boo,Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD has put together some easy tips to help you “trick” and treat kids this Halloween.

  1. Eat a healthy dinner before trick or treating.  Include lean protein, vegetables and whole grains so kids aren’t tempted to unwrap the candy bar as soon as they get it.
  2. Hosting a party? Offer 100% juice in place of soda.  good2grow juice is 100%, organic juice made with only natural fruit sugar.  It comes with a convenient spill-proof cap and adorable kid-friendly sippers.
  3. Set limits. Left to their own devices, kids could easily eat most of their candy haul in one night.  Without taking the treat away altogether, kids should be given candy in moderation. Allow 2-3 treats, then put the sack of goodies away.

Partnering with the hottest names in entertainment, good2grow juices come equipped with cool character tops that make drinking healthily irresistible to kids. With the wide variety of choices, good2grow is the perfect complement to any costume, party theme or goody bag.


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