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Heads or Tails Pet Peeves

This week’s theme for Heads or Tails is Pets or Pet Peeves. I guess I will go with pet peeves since we don’t have any pets. I am sure that everyone hates this one, but it seriously is one of my biggest peeves, is when guys leave the toilet seat up, I mean it takes a quick second to flip it back down. Luckily my hubby is not one of those guys, but when we had a roommate who just happens to be a guy, he ALWAYS left the seat up, and of course he would use the girl’s bathroom, so Sam would fall in a few times a week.
My other peeve is that after my dear, sweet hubby takes his shower, he likes to throw his wet towel on the floor, in a little pile, and it will stay there unless I pick it up and hang it back up in the bathroom for him, and if I don’t, well then the next time he takes a shower he either uses my towel, or he yells for me “where’s my towel”, and I tell him “where you left it this morning after your shower” of course by them it is smelly and still wet, so I have to get him a new one, he would come out and get a new one himself, but that would mean he would get the bathroom floor all wet, and then soak the carpet outside the bathroom door. I hate wet spots on the carpet, feels like your walking in a pile of pee or something.
I could probably go on with things that bother me, but then this would end up being a novel.

Oh I guess I should mention my inlaws dog, Abby Jean. She is half Golden Retriever and half Corgy. She looks just like a golden retriever but she has short legs, she also looks just like Falcore from The Neverending Story

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