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Have You Sent Your Thank You Notes?

After getting a ton of holiday gifts this year (some good, some bad), Alana and Javier Marmanillo, co-owners of the lifestyle and greeting card company, Love & Luck Greetings, want to remind families and kids to send a thank you notes!  They explain, “As a gracious recipient of a gift, it’s important to thank the one that gifted you in the first place!  Not only will they be grateful for it, but it will be a reminder for them to gift you again next year!  Consider it a holiday gift insurance policy, so to speak.”

Need tips for what to say in your thank you card?  Alana and Javier provide the following tips:

  • Keep It Short, Sweet, and Simple:  You may have several cards to write, and it’s the thought that counts.  Have everyone write a brief “thank you” and make sure that everyone signs it!
  • Be Heartfelt and Honest:  Keep your words and thoughts sincere and open.  Honesty is always the best policy (but don’t tell them if you ended up returning the gift) 
  • Explain Why You Love the Gift – It never hurts to explain why you love the idea of the gift and why it’s perfectly suited to you and your life.
  • The Future – Always end the card by wishing them a fabulous new year and that you hope to see them soon. 

I received the adorable V Dandelion Set. I knew they would be cute but I truly had no idea they would be so adorable. I know from the picture it’s hard to tell but each Dandelion Card has three green Rhinestones on them. One in the middle of the Dandelion and two on the fluffs that are blowing away.

Visit Love & Luck’s website at for additional ideas and inspiration.

A product was received. All opinions are my own.

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